Leonel Quiros (Hazi) was born in Hartford CT on July 30th of 1984. From a child, he was always sharp & independent. He first realized his love for Hip Hop/Rap; when he heard Mobb Deep. Reciting the lyrics to Rip Prodigy with his cousins, he decided to write his own lyrics. At the age of sixteen, his songs were on local mixtapes that DJ C-LO (Hartford DJ) would host every year. Surrounded by other artists twice his age, he continued to out shinned them with his aggressive delivery and unmatchable flow.

Challenges to purse his music career were developing; due to constantly moving between Connecticut, Puerto Rico and Florida. Hazi stayed on his path and signed with GPMG Records in 2017, becoming a part of the Pecvsso Gvng. He’s determined to tell his story to the world with his real-life stories of crime, love & pain.